Prices & Rules

FQMHR Membership Card

To avoid paper handling and do our part for the environment, you simply have to become a member of the FQMHR, it’s free, and your discharge will be signed for each of the motocross parks and competitions in Quebec . You need to renew your membership every year. 

The FQMHR manages part of the money generated by the registration of off-road motorcycles and redistributes it in subsidies to the various parks and trail clubs in Quebec. 

Prices: (Taxes Included)

Big bikes:

115cc and more 2-stokes, 155cc and more 4-strokes Week days: 40$ Weekend: 45$

Small bikes and womens:

115cc and less 2-stokes, 155cc and less 4-strokes Week days: 35$ Weekend: 40$


50cc 20$    *acces to pee-wee tracks only 

Ride Whenever You Want
With Our Season Passes

The passes are valid for 1 year, from the date of purchase until the same date the following year. Gives 15% discount on all purchases in our shop. * not valid for the event of september 11-12 2021  

Individual season membership:

– 750$+ tx for big bike

– 630$+ tx for small bikes

– Pee-wee 350$ + tx   * acces to pee-wee tracks only

Family season membership

– 750$ +tx for the first person
– 500$ +tx for additional big bike
– 420$ +tx for the additional – small bike
– 275$ +tx for additional pee-wee

Camping Rates

Camping with water and electricity :  

For 1 year: 2400$ +tx, an adult membership card included. 

For 1 week : 120$ + tx 

For 1 night : 20 + tx the week 


Camping without commodities :

1800$ + tx for the summer, an adult membership card included

50$ + tx for a week

10$ + tx per night  

*Free camping without service with the purchase of one track access per day*

Storage Rates

Motorcycle Storage :

500$ + tx for the summer (300$ + tx for pee-wee) 125$ + tx per month 50$ + tx for a week 10$ + tx per night



-Quebec resident, you must be FQMHR member

-Every rider must register before going on the tracks
-It is forbidden to take any passenger on your bike
-You must wear a helmet at any time you’re on a motorcycle
-You must wear helmet, boots and chest protector at all time on the tracks
-It is forbidden to ride at more then 10km/h in the pits
-Vehicle must follow the 98db rule max at 4500rpm
-It is forbidden to ride under the influence of alcool and drugs
-Dogs are allowed but must have a leash at all time
-Disobeying to any of those rules can get you expulse of the site without any refund

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