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*Not available in  2020*

Group Package :

Whether it’s for a children’s or adult party, a bachelor party, a corporate activity or simply a good time with friends, we have everything you need to meet your needs!

– We can provide motorcycles, complete equipment and instructors to groups of up to 20 people, adults and children from 7 years old.

– NO experience necessary, our instructors will show you how to ride motocross safely!

– This package applies to groups of 4 people and more, for 3 people and less, please refer to our initiation package.

– For a 2 hours activity, with everything included: motorcycle for each participant, complete equipment and instructor (one instructor per 3 people).

– Weekdays : 155$+ tx per person

– During the weekend: 165$ + tx per person.

– Packages with meals available on request.

*If members of your group already have motocross experience, competition motorcycles are also available for an additional 50$ per person. RESERVATION REQUIRED

*Not available in  2020*



Xtown | Accueil 3

Motocross Rentals :

*Not available in  2020*

For experienced riders we also offer motocross rental. We have several models of all sizes at your disposal.

– Children under 18 years old must have participated in a day camp or have taken an initiation package during the year in the yard before being able to rent.

– An accreditation is included in the price, allowing us to evaluate your skills, in order to define the circuits to which you will have access.

Prices are for 3 hours with equipment and fuel included.

CRF50, CRF110

(4-stroke motorcycles, semi-automatic) Weekdays: 115$+ tx Weekends and Holidays: 125$+ tx

CRF125, small or large wheels

(4-stroke motorcycles, 5 speed manual) Weekdays: 125$+ tx Weekends and holidays: 145$+ tx

CRF150, CRF230

(4-stroke air-cooled motorcycles, 5-speed manual) Weekdays: $155+ tx Weekends and holidays: $180+ tx


2-stroke competition motorcycle Weekdays: 205$+ tx Weekends and holidays: 225$+ tx


4-stroke competition motorcycle Weekdays: 225$+ tx Weekends and holidays: 250$+ tx

*Not available in  2020*


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