Prices & Rules

FQMHR Membership Card

avoid paper handling and do our part for the environment, the discharge will be computerized, you simply have to become a member of the FQMHR, it’s free, and your discharge will be signed for each of the motocross parks and competitions in Quebec .

Note that the FQMHR manages part of the money generated by the plates generated by off-road motorcycles and redistributes it in the form of a subsidy to the various parks and trail clubs in Quebec. Each year the federation helps us in different projects, for 2020 we will have modifications on the intermediate track and new fences thanks to them.

Prices: (Taxes Included)

No need to be a member, just bring your motocross and come try our tracks!

Big bikes:

115cc and more 2-stokes, 155cc and more 4-strokes Week days: 40$ Weekend: 45$

Small bikes and womens:

115cc and less 2-stokes, 155cc and less 4-strokes Week days: 30$ Weekend: 35$

Pee-wees 50cc 20$

Ride Whenever You Want
With Our Season Passes

The passes are valid for 1 year, from the date of purchase until the same date the following year. Gives 15% discount on all purchases in our shop. * not valid for the event of August 22-23  

Individual season membership:

– 730$+ tx for big bike

– 630$+ tx for small bikes

– Pee-wee 350$ + tx

Family season membership

– 730$ +tx for the first person
– 460$ +tx for additional big bike
– 350$ +tx for the additional – small bike
– 250$ +tx for additional pee-wee

Camping Rates

We have camping pitches with water and electricity. 

For 1 year: 2200$ +tx, an adult membership card included. 

For 1 week : 120$ + tx 

For 1 night : 20 + tx the week 

*camping without free service with the purchase of one track access per day*  

Storage Rates

Motorcycle Storage :

500$ + tx for the summer (300$ + tx for pee-wee) 125$ + tx per month 50$ + tx for a week 10$ + tx per night

Trailer storage:

1650$ + tx for the summer, an adult membership card included 50$ + tx for a week 10$ + tx per night      


Every rider must register and sign the waiver before going on the tracks
Minors must have a signed waiver from their parents Download here
It is forbidden to take any passenger on your bike
You must wear a helmet at any time you’re on a motorcycle
You must wear helmet, boots and chest protector at all time on the tracks
It is forbidden to ride at more then 10km/h in the pits
Vehicle must follow the 98db rule max at 4500rpm
It is forbidden to ride under the influence of alcool and drugs
Dogs are allowed but must have a leash at all time
Disobeying to any of those rules can get you expulse of the site without any refund

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