The Tracks


Our main track is a 16-corner, 18-jump circuit, mostly dirt with sand sections. Still safe, it is the track with the biggest jumps and the highest peak speeds. It is suitable for riders with a lot of experience and is not recommended for beginners and small bikes.


The intermediate track is a track with 12 turns and 9 jumps of different sizes. Designed to be very safe, the jumps are all flat and the size varies from very small to medium. Ideal circuit for adult pilots with little experience or young people with experience.


It’s a track designed exclusively for beginners, regardless of the size of the bike. With a long and very winding course with several valleys, it is very pleasant for beginners and ideal for learning.

Pictures coming soon

Pictures coming soon


The pee-wee track, newly designed and recently expanded, is a track dedicated to the little ones. The hard ground helps the youngsters to keep control. Moreover, the track is long, but compact so that parents have 100% visibility and access.


In 2020 we inaugurated a new pit-bike track, supecross style, with 8 turns, plateaus, double jumps and series of whoops, this track is specifically adapted for pit-bikes. The track is open to youngsters and adults on small bikes. Full size motocross motorcycles are prohibited.

Pictures coming soon

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